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    Magical insights from Recruit Wizard!


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Four ways to increase efficiency in your recruitment process in 2022

A slow or long recruitment process is a significant contributor to poor candidate experience and increased candidate dropout. It is […]

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Four ways you can improve your candidate experience – and why you should!

The candidate experience is an essential part of attracting the right talent and a poor one can have a raft […]

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Is your recruitment agency running in sync?

The largest challenge that recruiters currently face is having consistent talent available. However, with the number of placements, opportunities, budgets, […]

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Three tips to prepare for the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation, where employees leave jobs en masse in the wake of COVID lockdowns, has already hit some parts […]

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How recruiters can adapt themselves and prepare for challenges

Currently, we are all presented with uncertainty and change. When this happens, we need to adapt and develop our skills […]

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The importance of an ATS and why they’re here to stay

Automation is so ubiquitous today that we don’t even realise it’s there half the time. It has made us more […]

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Three ways to find the right employee

The job market is booming in Australia. Highly skilled professionals are in huge demand, driven by a candidate short market. […]

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Starting your own recruitment firm in 2021

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you know that running a recruitment agency can be equally rewarding […]

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Communicating workplace culture in your recruitment process

Cultural fit is the biggest single determinant of the success of a new hire for both the candidate and the […]

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