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    Magical insights from Recruit Wizard!


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6 tips to attract the right candidates in the work-from-home era

So much has changed in the last year when it comes to the way we work. While work from home […]

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Be kind: How to have empathy when communicating with the candidates who haven’t made it

As a recruiter, handling lots of vacancies usually also means dealing with a lot of candidate rejections. It’s certainly not […]

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Are you taking advantage of your software features?

Software is a fantastic business tool and we all use an array of different technologies everyday. When using these tools, we often get into the habit […]

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How an ATS can help to increase diversity in your recruitment

We are all aware that diversity in our workforces leads to a better workplace, increased innovation, and contributes to overall […]

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How analytics can drive your agency ahead

Understanding what is truly happening in your business is fundamental to improving your operations, managing staff performance, and growing your […]

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