Today’s CRM and ATS solutions are sophisticated and allow you to automate and track almost every part of your recruitment process. But which features do you need, and which are nice-to-have? Of course, the answer really depends on your business goals, operating environment and processes, but today I want to talk about some of the features every business – large and small – must have in 2021.

1. Syncing to put all your communications in one place

In the HR and recruitment space, we really thrive on relationships and this often means a number of touchpoints. And with today’s flexible workplace, it’s more likely that more than one person will have contact with a candidate and a client, so it’s important that these touchpoints are tracked in one place.

Fully automated email integration is a must-have in 2021, allowing you to track all your inbound and outbound emails against the client or candidate record- regardless of when, where, or who sent the email across devices and platforms. Rather than your consultants having to remember to track emails, these platforms do it automatically – taking the headache out of handovers and putting everyone on the same page.

2. Automated rejection emails

Our industry isn’t always known for handling candidate feedback well – particularly when that feedback is negative. Rejections are not an enjoyable part of a recruiter’s job, but unfortunately, they are a critical one. I’ve talked before about how we can show more empathy when it comes to rejections, and a critical part of this is simply letting people know where they stand.  A quick no is often a good no – if you let someone know early that they haven’t been successful, it frees them up to invest their time in other opportunities.

Automated candidate rejection emails make it easier to make sure these comms are done in a timely manner.  If you are a Recruit Wizard user, you can even set triggers to send these rejections to unsuccessful candidates at critical points in time, such as when the job closes.

With Recruit Wizard, you can create the rejection message that works for you, so even when this is automated, it’s still an opportunity to show empathy and provide a positive candidate experience.

3. Telephony/VOIP integration

Having an integration between your CRM and your phone system has several advantages, and with most businesses using cloud-based phone systems, it’s quite simple to set up. These integrations allow you to see who is calling you as they pull in this information from your CRM. They can also automatically open the right contact record and even open the right window to record notes about the call.  When it comes to your outbound calls, you can just open your CRM record and hit a button to connect the call.

As with email integration, this really puts the information you need about a client or candidate at your fingertips and means all your client calls are tracked, regardless of whether you are working in the office, at home, or on the go. This is something we are passionate about at Recruit Wizard. We currently have an integration with Aircall and will launch a Microsoft Teams integration in the coming weeks.

At the end of the day, these features really come down to two key areas – communication and collaboration. As we move towards a primarily remote workforce, these areas are going to be even more critical for businesses in all industries.

Your CRM or ATS solution should be enabling this collaboration and supporting your business needs rather than trying to make you fit with an out-of-the box solution.  If your CRM/ATS isn’t working for you, get in touch to find out more about Recruit Wizard, recruitment tech that works like magic.