Software is a fantastic business tool and we all use an array of different technologies everyday. When using these tools, we often get into the habit of using the same features day in, day out. And while that’s fantastic, it’s often the case that we don’t know what we’re leaving on the table.

With your ATS/CRM, platforms like Recruit Wizard are incredibly feature rich today and constantly improving. Often these features, if you were aware of them, would be very beneficial to your business.

Here’s three features in our platform that we think can often be overlooked, but if you take the time to learn them will be a real winner for you and your team!

#1 Interview scheduling

Interview scheduling is standard work for any recruiter and, for the most part, it’s still done manually. For example, you’ll send out an invite from your business G-suite or Outlook calendar…and then log the meeting in your ATS/CRM separately.

Why bother doing it twice? In Recruit Wizard we can automate this process entirely within our software, meaning that you set the meeting in Recruit Wizard and it automates scheduling the meeting and sending the invite to your client and candidate. It’s a simple feature but one that is easy to implement and saves you time.

#2 Reviewing resumes

It’s the bane of every recruiter: Reviewing resumes. While it can be time consuming, it’s a core part of the role and, for most, one that they run manually.

Resumes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there’s such a wide gulf in quality that it can be a nightmare to review them all. There are plenty of ways to make that easier, but one clients can miss is the use of data visualisation to make it easier for you to speed up the process.

In Recruit Wizard for example, we can display a resume in a visual format. Its makes it easier to review a resume on the fly when looking at specific factors such as length of tenure at a position. For example You can see clearly that they had a long term role, followed by a number of shorter term positions. It gives you a feel for the resume in seconds, rather than reading 5 pages to find out basic information. It’s a great way of speeding up the process.

#3 In-built task management

A good ATS/CRM should have a range of automation features. The idea behind this is to utilise your ATS/CRM as a one-stop tool to manage your client and candidate interactions. As with the first tip, why spend an inordinate amount of time managing client interactions across multiple tools. It’s just an inefficient way to work.

Within Recruit Wizard, we have an in-built task management tool that is designed to automate your client and candidate interactions easily. You can set call backs and follow ups with ease in Recruit Wizard, giving you automated reminders of when you need to complete a task.

It has the added bonus for agency owners of providing an entire client/candidate overview, a complete picture of the engagements with a client over time all in the one place. It’s great when transferring clients across the team to ensure a recruiter knows the history with the client and can seamlessly transition into the role.

There’s more to it than just logging calls

Software tools like Recruit Wizard are incredibly feature rich and if you spend a little time in learning more than the basics, it can be incredibly lucrative for your business. We can help you to unlock the power of your Recruit Wizard software and make it work better than ever for your business. Book a session with our team to discuss how you can maximise Recruit Wizard for you and your team.

If you’re not a Recruit Wizard customer, and your provider isn’t cutting the mustard, get in touch to find out how you can make the switch to an Australian-owned system, built for recruiters, by recruiters.