We are all aware that diversity in our workforces leads to a better workplace, increased innovation, and contributes to overall business performance, and most workplaces today have a diversity strategy. But some sectors are still lagging in execution, and recruitment strategies are a big part of addressing this challenge.

Your technology can (and should!) be playing a big role in making this easier. Here are just a few ways the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can support you to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

#1 Reviewing your recruitment channels

The first step to increasing diversity in your recruitment is to make sure you are reaching them with your vacancy in the first place. Do you know which of your channels, from socials to traditional job sites and even referrals, are producing the most diverse candidate pools?

Many HR professionals and recruiters already use the reporting functions in their systems to identify the most effective recruitment channels for their business. By bringing in the demographic data that is already right there in your system, you can also determine which channels are reaching the widest range of candidates.

#2 Taking the bias out of screening

The impact of unconscious bias in the recruitment process is well-documented, but by its very nature, it’s a challenge that humans can’t resolve.  Your recruitment tech can really help here. With artificial intelligence (AI) driven resume screening, individual bias is removed from the process.

It also means that all resumes are given equal weight.  If you’ve been involved with manual resume screening before, you know it can be onerous. Once you are up to even ten resumes, it can be hard to keep the same focus and give each individual submission the attention it deserves.

#3 Using compliance features to monitor diversity

Your recruitment tech’s compliance features might already be used to make sure your process is fair and merit-based, but it can also be used to help you reach diversity goals.

With all the demographic data stored in your system, you can easily identify where there may be process issues and where you are losing candidates based on factors such as age or gender.

As a recruiter, you play a critical part in ensuring a business has the best possible workforce, and as a result, can achieve its performance goals.  If you can use your tech to enhance this role, it simply makes sense.

From reducing admin to reaching the best possible candidate pool, there are many reasons why recruiters and HR professionals should consider an ATS. And when it can be integrated easily and effectively with your other systems, it allows you to take your candidates from recruitment to onboarding and beyond, it’s a worthwhile investment on many fronts.

If you are considering a new ATS for your business, get in touch to find out how Recruit Wizard can help to reduce the admin headache, attract the best possible candidate pool and give you time back to focus on the strategic elements of your role.