The Great Resignation, where employees leave jobs en masse in the wake of COVID lockdowns, has already hit some parts of the world and is headed for Australia in 2022. While this is great news for recruiters, more candidates and more client opportunities also mean more work. In a busy recruitment market, those who have set themselves up correctly will come out on top. Here are three tips to get your agency ready to hit the ground running.

#1 Automate, automate, automate

In a peak market, the one resource we will all need more of is time! For many agencies, the good news is that there are still places you can claw time back by automating. Look for repeatable tasks that eat up consultants’ time but don’t add equivalent value to your business.

A couple of simple examples are:

  • Candidate communication: Of course, it’s important to keep candidates informed, but your ATS should allow you to generate broadcast communications that still look and feel personal at the touch of a button.
  • Visibility on candidate status: Ensuring all consultants can see exactly where a process is will deliver a better candidate and client experience and reduce unnecessary delays.
  • Reporting: In a busy market, it’s critical to know where you get the best bang for your buck and find the best candidates. One-click reporting is a must-have to make the right decisions on the fly.

#2 Look for digital solutions

Of course, your ATS should be the backbone of your recruitment process, but it should also integrate with a range of apps and platforms that make your life easier. Reference-checking is a great example. We all know reference checks are a must-have, but playing phone tag for a week is not the best use of resources – and often doesn’t get you the best references.

Many Recruit Wizard clients love our integration with Referoo, a leading online reference-checking platform. With Referoo and Recruit Wizard, our clients can send reference checks in a few clicks and are seeing significant turnaround time reductions and better quality references.

From Seek to Aircall, we have a host of integrations and apps to support all stages of your recruitment process. With Recruit Wizard, you don’t have to be software agnostic – you can get the leading solutions all in one place.

#3 Speak to your ATS Provider

Your ATS/CRM should be an enabler, not an obstacle. Reach out to your provider and tell them what you need. An ATS needn’t be set and forget; your provider should be a partner who is always there to solve your real-time business challenges.

And if they’re not – give Recruit Wizard a call. Making the switch is easy. You’ll get game-changing technology and incredible ongoing support to match. It’s just one of the ways Recruit Wizard is different. So get in touch to find out how it could be your competitive edge in a busy market.