The largest challenge that recruiters currently face is having consistent talent available. However, with the number of placements, opportunities, budgets, and revenue on the rise, it is still a great time to be in recruitment. Glen discusses how you can harness the growing industry opportunities to run your agency efficiently, by operating your recruitment agency and teams in sync with each other.

Get on the same page

With so many businesses moving to remote or hybrid working models during the pandemic – a trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future – it can be easy to fall out of step with your team. Communication drops off and opportunities for collaboration are made a little trickier through video calls and instant messaging. On the other hand, some managers think having meetings about meetings and constantly checking in on their teams is the best way to keep everyone on track, but that can actually feel more like surveillance than support. Striking the balance between over and under-communicating is key to keeping teams engaged.

Running workshops and team catch-ups will help to keep everyone up to speed. You might want to choose a series of topics or aspects of the recruitment process and go through what each task entails as a team, and what success looks like in that space. This helps to ensure everyone is on the same page, despite working independently. LinkedIn offers some great resources and worksheets for recruitment firms to make sure teams are running in sync.

Watch the market closely

For many industries in Australia, the job market is booming, while others remain on ice. The road to recovery is going to be a long one and recruiters must be willing to ride the waves. Staying informed when it comes to market trends and statistics is vital for staying ahead of the pack. The Australian Government’s Labour Market Information Portal has predicted significant growth in certain industries over the next few years – Health Care and Social Assistance; Accommodation and Food Services; and Scientific and Technical Services are due to experience the largest expansion. Being aware of these predictions and positioning your team to capitalise is important for maintaining longevity.

Needless to say, hiring a diverse workforce is also imperative. It’s important to keep your team up to speed on what’s happening across different sectors to ensure best practice is being upheld.

Integration is key

Having intelligent software and applications that speak to one another takes out so much of the hands-on labour required to get the job done. Recruitment isn’t just about filling job vacancies. It requires building talent pools, establishing industry connections, maintaining relevance in the recruitment space, and so much more. All of this requires multiple different platforms – email, payroll, reference checking, cloud-based communication, etc. With a robust ATS, you’ll be able to integrate all these elements to streamline the recruiting process.

Own your niche

In the world of recruitment, competition is fierce, and having a speciality can really set you apart from the rest. If your team is particularly well versed in recruiting for a specific sector, channel that. Adapt your marketing and outreach strategy and pursue opportunities that allow you to stand out as a leader in that space. You may want to write an op-ed for a business-focused media publication or begin crafting blogs for professional platforms such as LinkedIn to establish yourself as a voice of authority in your chosen area. This will help build trust for your brand among both potential candidates and potential clients.

Prioritise talent retention

A recruiter’s secret weapon is a dynamic, diverse talent pool, and one of the key tools in creating one is relationship building. Every time you interact with a potential candidate, you have the opportunity to establish a rapport and bring them into the fold. Although they may not be perfect for the original job that brought them into your recruitment funnel, something else might pop up later, and you want to know that they’ll take your call when that happens. That’s why providing a great candidate experience is so vital, and thanks to clever ATS automation, that has never been easier.