The latest employment data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that Australia’s employment rates have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. We’ve also recently seen the number of vacancies surpass 2019 numbers, so all signs are pointing to a recovery in full swing.

When you add in the fact that a significant number of Australians are set to reconsider their career options in 2021, recruiters are going to be busy, perhaps busier than ever before.  While this is a positive, it may take some preparation, particularly if you reduced your own resources during the pandemic. The key to navigating more vacancies and larger candidate pools is having the right tech in your stack.

Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) should be the beating heart of your tech stack, enabling your recruitment process at every turn, but the reality is that for many, the wrong tech is causing bottlenecks and costing time and money.

Here are three areas recruiters should be looking at to prepare for the busy months ahead.

#1 Automate, automate, automate

With larger candidate pools comes the need for a more efficient process. Automation is key here.  While it is often (unfairly!) blamed for a decline in candidate experience the reality is that with the right tools, an automated process should make for a better experience for you and your candidates.

Recruit Wizard clients are seeing outcomes in automation across all stages of the recruitment process, and some of the key areas to look at are:

  • Candidate communications: The right ATS should allow you to automate candidate communications with ease while still personalising them to keep candidates engaged and show empathy to those who didn’t make it this time.
  • Fully automated resume processing: In a busy market, you’ll likely receive hundreds of resumes a month.  Automated resume processing puts all the resumes your business receives straight into your system within seconds of receiving them.  The right tools do this in a sophisticated way to verify accuracy. Look for a system that includes manual verification to give you high-quality candidate data at your fingertips.
  • Integrations: Integration between the other tools you use, such as reference-checking or video calling platforms, and your ATS is a must.  If you are spending time manually entering information or worse, wondering where to find your data, this is a key area to focus on.  The right provider should be keen to partner with you to support your recruitment process and look at where better integration is possible.

#2 Client and candidate self-service portals  

Making sure your data is up to date is absolutely essential to navigate a busy period and give your team time back to focus on more important areas.  A portal whereby your candidates and clients can update their own details and feeds directly into your ATS is a must-have.

It’s something Recruit Wizard clients love because it means they know their data is as accurate as possible, and they don’t have to do it themselves.  It’s also a great way to see who in your database is engaged and actively looking – if they’ve updated their profile recently, it’s a good indication they are keen to hear from you.

#3 Real-time, visual dashboards

 In today’s ever-changing world, real-time access to your business analytics is always important, but as we recover from the pandemic and navigate significant shifts in the market, it’s crucial.

Your ATS should produce easy to read, visual dashboards that show you how your business is doing in real-time.  You shouldn’t need a degree in data science to interpret them either – it should be something that your entire team can understand and leverage to make better business decisions every day.

Your ATS is the heart of your business and should be the single source of truth for all your activity.  If you are using an out-of-the-box solution or working with a vendor who doesn’t support your business goals, it might be time to change.

At Recruit Wizard, we are passionate about designing solutions that work for our clients, saving them time and money and enabling them to grow their businesses. Get in touch to experience a leading ATS/CRM with local support, designed for your business.